Urszula Potęga – President of the Board

Graduated from the Polish Philology Department of the Warsaw University and the Production Economics Department as well as IT post-graduate studies at Warsaw School of Economics (SGPiS). In 1989 she commenced her business activity and subsequently established cooperation with private companies, which resulted in the establishment of Międzynarodowe Targi Polska Sp. z o.o. in 1993. Since then she served as the President of the company, which is at present called MT Targi Polska SA, that over the course of the last 25 years became the largest fair organiser in Warsaw. Thanks to events such as International Food Trade Fair EuroGastro, International Trade Fair of Analytical, Measurement and Control Technology EuroLab, and International Travel Show TT Warsaw, Poland hosts the most important business events for foreign and Polish entrepreneurs and becomes an attractive tourist destination in the international arena.

From the beginning of her business activities, Urszula Potęga is actively involved in the promotion and development of Polish tourism. She is the originator of International Travel Show TT Warsaw which became over the course of years one of the most important fair event, both in Poland and abroad. In 2007 the Office of the Committee for European Integration and Business Centre Club awarded the European Medal to TT Warsaw. This distinction is granted for services and products at a European level. Her pioneer activity in the promotion of domestic tourism gave rise to yet another significant event, LATO Fair for tourism and recreation. This was the first tourism fair in Poland addressed exclusively to individual customers.

Distinguished by the Polish Business Cub as Businesswoman of the year 2004 for “the creation and efficient long-term management of Międzynarodowe Targi Polska” when she also received from the editorial team of “Foreign Markets” an Honorary Distinction as an “Outstanding Polish Exporter” for her significant contribution to the promotion of export and Polish economy. She was also granted the Warsaw Business Award from the Warsaw Local Business Chamber (WISG). In recognition of her active involvement in and commitment to the development of Polish economy, she received a diploma from the Ministry of Economy on the occasion of 25 years of Polish transformation in 2014. In 2015 she was granted a Medal of the Polish Success Academy for her vast achievements in the promotion of Polish economy. On the occasion of 25 years since the establishment of the Polish Chamber of Tourism (PIT), she was awarded a distinction for her “Service for PIT”, which is granted to people who have contributed most to the tourism industry and the strengthening and development of its organisational structures.

Since the beginning of her activities, she gladly supports and organises charity actions and also undertakes pro-community activities.

In the years 2000-2015 she was the president of a co-established initiative called “Warsaw Trade Fair Corporation”. In the years 2007-2010 she served as the Vice-President of the Council of the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry. She also was a member of the Management Board of the Polish Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities IAKS Polska, a member of the Supervisory Board as well as Vice-President of the Polish Chamber of Tourism.

The activity of the company managed by Urszula Potęga is crowned by the logo Teraz Polska (Now Poland) granted to MT Targi Polska in 2017. A prestigious distinction is a recognition of the work of the entire team working for the company which has created valuable fair events for years and contributes to the promotion of the potential of Polish companies in the international area.


Anna Wielgos – Vice-President of the Management Board

Graduated from the Economic Science Department of the University of Life Sciences (SGGW) in Warsaw. Associated with the company since 1999. She began working in the commercial department, was promoted to fair manager and later to event organisation specialist. She worked as pr & event manager since 2007 when she was in charge of implementation of the communication strategy of MT Targi Polska. In 2014, she was the project team coordinator and became the Vice President of the Management Board on 1 March 2016.

Meeting new people and making new contacts are the things she values the most in her work.


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