10th Coffee Olympics®

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10th Coffee Olympics®, organised by Apro Trade / Coffee Academy and MT Targi Polska has stirred a lot of emotion, and baristas were competing in front of a full audience. Just like at the Olympics, competition included different disciplines, some of which required more concentration, such as “Caffe latte and macchiato art”, and some – lightning reflexes and swift action, such as “Timed espresso”. Those who did not succeed and anyone willing to compete in the future could learn how to prepare for the competition during a lecture by Agnieszka Rojewska “How to win the Barista Championship”.

Tomek Obracaj of Tom Caffe took everyone on a coffee trip around the world at “60 minutes around the world – cup tasting”. He also explained the, not so simple, issue of purchasing coffee during a seminar “How to purchase raw coffee – international trade rules and logistics”. Guests from the UK shared their secrets for roasting coffee in a way that enhances its flavour during a lecture “Coffee roasting secrets – Maximising flavour through roasting”.

Coffee business creates opportunities, but also threats. These could be discussed during the session on “How to create a cult café” or a presentation on “Mistakes to avoid when opening and managing a café”.

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